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Strongly inspired by the heritage of the 20th century's "avant garde" I use as axiome of a fixed viewpoint.
"In search of the balance between static and movement"
Palindromes" is work based on the ambiguity both concrete and immaterial.
The ambition is to give a new life to the image often named as a touristic cliché like the Brooklyn bridge,
the pyramid of the Louvre, the st martin canal in Venice or the traditional russian house. This invites the spectator to dive into my dream and see another reality.

reconciling the reconcile the eternal and the ephemeral

I love to think of and use architectural elements, historical monuments as tools to invent and create our own personal world.
With the images of Palindromes I invite the spectator to have his own personal point of view about the reality, a mix of the real world and fiction.
With the traditional images/photos and touristic clichés, I create a new and different reality.
These are photos printed on grey metal sheet/ brushed aluminium/ the material gives them another dimension, this time simply aesthetics.

abstract photography: Portfolio d'infographiste
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