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French-Russian artist, born in Podolsk, which is a satellite city of Moscow.

Since then, she has regularly and frequently presented, selected and exhibited her work.

 For the last twenty years she has worked in Paris.

 in Paris. 


School of Fine Arts, Moscow School of Metallurgical Engineers, Moscow School of Art Theatre "МХАТ" Stage Engineer - Set Design - Costume Design, School of the Professional Chamber of Haute Couture in Paris.


Costume and props workshop at the Moscow Art Theatre "МХАТ", "School of Dramatic Art" Theatre under the direction of Anatolie Vassiliev, La Comédie Française Theatre - Assistant to the director of the costume department Renato Bianchi.


1997 -2020 : Founder and creator of the brand "Tatiana Lebedev Paris". 


November 2018_ Painting, "Geometric Abstraction" solo exhibition Kazo Galerie Paris

Downhill 2018_ Design Fair / Espace Champerret

April 2019_ "Spring Composition" solo exhibition Kazo Galerie Paris

September 2019_ re participation in the "35x35" project organized by Copelouzos Family Art Museum October 2019 ROUGE Series Gallery Fabien Pigio

November 2019 Design Fair / Porte de Versailles Galerie Fabien Pigio / Black&Blue series 

February 2020_ participation in the exhibition at the Salon des Artistes Française (Art Capitale Grand palais)

participation in the exhibition "Salon des artistes indépendants" (Art Capitale Grand palais)

October 2020_ participation in the exhibition "Salon d'Automne" Grand Palais (without hanging)

November 2020_ participation in the exhibition of Société des Beaux art de Boulogne Billancourt space

The Landowski space

Permanent collaboration with Kunstmatrix - virtual exhibition

Artsper and Singulart - online gallery 

April - Mail 2021_ solo exhibition "IMAGINE" Kazo Galerie Paris

October 2021_ participation in the exhibition "Salon d'Automne " Grand Palais

November participation in the Design Fair / Porte de Versailles / Fabien Pigio Gallery

February 2022_ participation in the exhibition "Salon Comparaison" (Art Capitale Grand Palais Ephémère) Constructivism Group 

about trajectory: Parcours
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